How do you curb your landscape edging?

A new type of landscape edges is emerging as more people are moving to urban centers, and more people move to suburban areas, a trend that could put a crimp in urban landscaping.

A growing number of urban landscapes are edging into the residential realm.

The trend of landscape hedging, also called “edging borders,” began to develop after the 1980s, said Chris Smith, an associate professor of urban design and landscape architecture at the University of Michigan.

In the mid-1980s, a number of homeowners who were working in suburban homes found that the front yard or patio was becoming a more desirable area.

The homeowners realized that there was a lot of space to create a landscape, and that there were better ways to do that.

“There was an increasing realization that this wasn’t just an issue of people not being able to get their gardens in, or having their gardens destroyed by people who were not living in the area,” Smith said.

“People were actually trying to be more creative with their landscaping, creating more interesting and interesting designs for their gardens.”

Smith said the edging in residential landscapes is often a result of people taking on more responsibility in terms of the landscaping and landscaping design.

“It’s a way to make a lot more of the house look like you’re a real estate agent,” Smith added.

For homeowners, the goal is to make the backyard or patio a focal point of the landscape.

The result is sometimes the most dramatic, said Smith.

For landscape edgers, Smith said, the main goal is “to bring more people into the landscape.”

Smith is not the first to identify landscape hedges.

The New York Times recently profiled a landscape architect named Kevin O’Hara, who specializes in the use of edging to create urban landscapes.

O’HARA, who works at a large, suburban development, said there is a trend of urban landscapers using edging.

“The idea is that you want to make sure the landscape is interesting,” O’Ayers said.

In his case, the landscape designer is not just using edges to give people a sense of presence, but also to give the landscape more of a character.

For some homeowners, this creates an environment of confusion, said David Buell, a landscape landscape architect at the firm W.B. Woodrow.

Bueill is also a professor of landscape architecture.

“It’s very easy to make it appear that you’re trying to get people out of the backyard,” Bueil said.

“Edging borders” aren’t necessarily just a design problem.

They’re also a problem in the design of the property itself, said Bueell, who also practices landscape architecture in New York City.

Edging border boundaries in a landscape are usually a big deal, because they’re the boundaries between two or more plots.

They need to be clear and distinguishable.

The boundaries are usually delineated with some sort of color, such as yellow or green, or they may be marked by a fence or other structure.

The border can also be used as a guideline for how much space the landscape should contain.

“If the boundaries are defined in an arbitrary way, you can end up with a landscape that’s very cluttered, with lots of different shapes,” Biell said.

To help you understand what edging border borders are and why they’re important, we asked a few experts in the landscape landscape field to explain the issue.

In terms of landscaping edging, it can be defined as a decorative element that creates a sense that a particular location is special.

“The most common form of landscape edge is an edging fence, usually built of a curved piece of lumber,” said Steve Loescher, a design professor at Georgia State University.

“This is often built into the soil to create more of an illusion of depth and a sense to the viewer that this is part of the natural landscape.”

Loescher added that a more subtle form of edges, called a hedge, can be created with different materials.

“An edging edge is a piece of material that is made of an adhesive that attaches to the edge of a surface and allows the surface to flex, so that the edge is not entirely attached,” Loeschers said.

Edges can also help create a sense for a landscape to be “special,” said Michael Hagen, an urban design professor and senior consultant for the Department of Architectural Engineering at the College of Charleston.

He said edging edges can be used to emphasize a landscape’s distinct character.

“You could have a garden in a house and a house in a garden, with different edges, so the landscape will be more defined,” Hagen said.

It’s important to note that a landscape edge isn’t a design flaw.

It’s an extension of the design and construction of the structure.

But, to an extent, that is the whole point.

“I think that it’s very important

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