Landscape architect salaries: Why Australia’s land is still affordable

Landscaping and landscaping has been a hot topic of conversation in Australia for the past year or so, but it has been less than $10 an hour in many cities, but a whopping $10,500 to $16,000 in other locations, according to a new report from the National Landscapes and Urban Design Foundation (NLUDF).

The report comes at a time when Australian property values are falling.

As a result, many have been wondering why Australia is still one of the cheapest countries in the world to buy and own land, and if this is a problem.

Here’s why.

Why is it so hard to buy?

The average price for a home in Australia is about $500,000, and according to the National Australia and New Zealand Banking Authority, that is the average price in the country for a house in 2018, according a report released by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

That is a drop of more than 20 per cent in just two years, and a decline of almost 25 per cent since 2015.

Landscape architecture salaries vary in Australia from around $15,000 for a typical studio job in Sydney, to $30,000 a year for a commercial property, and even more if you work for a large building firm, said Sarah Breen, a landscape architecture student at Curtin University.

“The reason why the average salaries have dropped so much is because people are now moving into a more expensive market and people are going to be paying a premium,” she said.

Breen said the change has meant that “there’s less money to invest” in other areas of the house and that “you have to find a niche in your niche”.

The Australian Capital Territory has the second highest median salary in the nation at $16.90 an hour, and the Northern Territory has only the sixth lowest.

According to the report, the average cost of a single-family home in the Northern Territories is $1.6 million, while the average house in the Capital Territory is $5.6million.

According the NLUDF, the median wage in the Territory is about the same as that in the state of Victoria, which is a $2.65 million salary, which translates into about $5,000 an hour.

“What’s the cost of living?

It’s high in the capital and it’s low in the remote,” Breen added.

Why does it matter?

The NLUDGF’s report points out that it is “unusually low” in many locations.

In Melbourne, the lowest-paid person was an architect, earning just over $19,000.

“We know that in Australia, the land and the landscape is the most important aspect of a property’s value,” Breslow said.

The report also points out there are more than 1,000 types of land in the Australian Capital Territories, which make up more than half of the total land area in the NT.

However, the report suggests that “landscape architecture” is more than just a “lifestyle” field.

“Landscape architecture has an important role in the development of our country’s national architecture and the health and welfare of our environment,” Binslow said, pointing out that the profession is highly relevant in the “sustainability of our land, soil and ecosystems”.

The NLUCF’s survey shows that the average salary for a landscape architect in the North Australian Territory is almost $30k a year, and $25,000 per year in the WA regional areas.

“This is an area that has seen a huge amount of change over the last decade, particularly in the last few years,” Bremlow said of the report.

“As a landscape architecture student, you have to be very flexible, you must be able to adapt and change to meet the needs of different communities.”

The survey also found that the median annual salary in Queensland is $26,000; the NT $22,000 and Western Australia $24,000 (see graph below).

Breslows view of the landscape architecture field as “an incredibly important field” in the future “Landscaping is a big industry that is making a huge contribution to our local economies and communities,” she added.

“In the next five to 10 years, I think we will see this profession grow substantially.”

Are land values rising in Australia?

In the past, there have been strong signs of rising land values in Australia.

However Bresfield said that there has been “no change in land values” in her view of how to manage the situation.

Bresfields view of land values has been more mixed than Bresford’s, but she said that it’s a different story in the rest of the country.

“When you look at the national land values, it’s quite the opposite,” she told Al Jazeera.

“It’s been very slow to rise, it hasn’t really started rising yet.”

The NLUEDF also noted that

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