‘Wild’ and ‘Beautiful’ in Shanghai’s Old Town

In China, the world’s most populous country, a city is called a “beautiful place” because it is well-preserved, its surroundings are full of trees, waterfalls and wildflowers, and its streets and squares are dotted with old houses.

But Shanghai’s modern day capital is a “wild place” for nature.

The city’s famous red-carpeted Grand Plaza and the city’s two grand boulevards are often dubbed the “wild places” in China.

The red carpet and the grand boulevard are the two main venues for outdoor landscape painting.

But that’s only part of the story, said Shanghai-based landscape painter and author of “Wild Places” Chie Nee-Kung.

She said the most memorable part of Shanghai’s urban landscape is the city square itself.

It is a place where everyone can gather and relax, she said.

“It’s the only place in the city where the people are still walking in the same direction,” Nee -Kung said.

“There are still streets where people are walking and playing soccer, the streets are still clean and clean, but there are still lots of people in the square.”

Chie -Keng said the Chinese government has tried to create a more natural landscape in recent years.

In the past decade, China has tried different things like building artificial grass on the city squares and planting trees and plants in parks and streets to help protect them from the elements.

But the city still has a few wild places left, she added.

“In the past, the wild places were very crowded and very crowded people, so the environment was very polluted and very polluted in the past,” Nie -kung said, referring to the polluted air pollution that often plagued the city during the 1990s.

“But now we have a lot more natural places, and we can go in a more tranquil way.”

Nee-kung, who has written about the environment and architecture in the Chinese capital, said the cityscape is a very natural place to paint.

“It is a lot easier to paint in a city than in a country,” she said, adding that there are some places in Shanghai that she would consider to be wild places.

She said China’s efforts to protect nature have been “good.”

But the Chinese Government has been slow to improve the countrys environment.

In the 1980s, a group of young people founded the first wildlife conservation organization in China, and today there are more than 70 wildlife sanctuaries.

But Nee said the wildlife parks in Shanghai were still mostly open to the public.

For Chie -ki, it was about the people that really helped her create the wild landscape.

She said that even though the wild landscapes of Shanghai were beautiful, they were also extremely busy and busy places, filled with people.

“When you paint a landscape, it is like when you are at work, so when you come home from work, you just want to sit down and play,” she added, pointing out the city was filled with cafes, restaurants and shopping centers.

Chinee -Kong is a landscape painter living in Shanghai.

She has been painting since she was about five years old.

She started painting in kindergarten and her work is often exhibited at local art shows.

Chineesong -Kongs paintings often use natural colors and she said the color palette is very colorful, which is not typical for Chinese painting.

“The colors are different, but the colors are the same,” she explained.

Chie is a master of landscape painting and has written several books on her subjects, including “Wild Nature,” “Shanghai’s Wild Places” and “Wild Flowers.”

She has also been a guest lecturer at several universities and universities.

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