What are the top 10 countries that make the best use of the forest landscape

India has made some great strides in creating more natural landscapes for people, animals and the environment, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

It has also become one of the top five countries for biodiversity, a new category that has been created by the WWF.

The top 10 places that have made the best contributions to the conservation of biodiversity are in this post, but this article also provides some insights into the top 25 countries that are best at protecting wildlife, habitats and natural resources.

In the article, we also provide some more detailed statistics about the 10 countries with the highest number of protected areas, along with the 10 most protected countries in terms of number of acres.


Botswana: 8,842,726,600 acres The Botswana Forest Protection Authority has designated 6,622,722,600 hectares of protected land for the benefit of the country’s endangered and threatened species.

The forest is a natural resource with many benefits for wildlife, including habitat, ecosystem services, drinking water, wildlife feeding and hunting, recreation and habitat protection.


Madagascar: 6,908,921,000 acres This tropical country has a high population of wildlife, which is why they are the highest priority for the Madagascar National Parks Service (AMPPS).

The country is home to over 10,000 endemic species, including many endemic species of bats, bats of the genus Aptera, Madagascar’s only endemic mammal, and a wide range of species of frogs, to name a few.


Ecuador: 6.6 million acres Ecuador’s forest conservation policy aims to conserve 1.3 billion hectares of forest in the next 15 years, which includes a wide variety of species, habitats, flora and fauna, as well as the indigenous peoples who have lived there for generations.

The government has invested in the forest and its ecosystems to prevent habitat loss and improve wildlife habitat.


Nepal: 6 million acres A country that was once a thriving forest but has become a world-class forest-rich country, Nepal has been working to protect its forests for the last 20 years.

The country’s Forest Management Agency (FMDA) has been able to conserve more than 5,000 square kilometers of forest land since the 1990s, which provides a great source of income for local people.

The FMDA has also established the Forest Stewardship Council (FSWC), which is tasked with conserving and protecting forests in the country.


Myanmar: 672,000 hectares The Myanmar Forest Development and Protection Agency (MFDA) is responsible for protecting more than 1.2 million hectares of forests across the country, which has led to significant improvements in biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

It is also the only country in Asia to have its forests protected on a national scale.


Namibia: 5.1 million acres Namibia is known as the “Forest of Hope” for its biodiversity and has made great strides to increase its forests to make them more productive.

The national government has also been able do this by developing its parks, which are the best way to protect biodiversity and protect habitat.

Namibians also have the second-highest number of forest cover per capita in the world behind the United States.


Argentina: 4.1 Million acres The country is known for its rainforests, but it is also known for a number of other places, including its stunning beaches, and the magnificent wildlife.

It’s also the most biodiverse country in the Western Hemisphere, with nearly 20% of the world’s biodiversity.


Tanzania: 4 million acres Tanzania’s forests are one of Africa’s top natural assets, providing food, shelter and shelter from climate change, water pollution and pollution of the environment.


Ecuador : 4 million hectares The government of Ecuador is working to increase the number of forests and other natural resources in the nation, which will benefit people, livestock, water and the earth’s resources.

It aims to preserve the forest as the natural and cultural heritage of the nation.


Kenya: 3.7 million acres The Forest Protection Agency in Kenya has been a part of the national government since 1985, which focuses on protecting forests and natural ecosystems and protecting people and nature.

It currently has 2.3 million hectares, which represent about 0.5% of Kenya’s total land area.

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