How to avoid the cost of expensive landscaping in California

A new study by a landscaping firm suggests that expensive landscapers are not the only culprits of California’s high cost of living.

The study, conducted by an engineering firm called Landscape Dynamics, found that landscaping stones cost $1,800 to $2,400 more than what is required for a landscaper to maintain.

The firm says that’s because landscapers often use more water than necessary to create the effect of a garden.

Landscape Solutions, a California-based company, commissioned the study to shed light on the cost-of-living issue in California, and says it has received hundreds of thousands of complaints from landscapers across the state.

The firm’s findings could help inform landscapers who are choosing to pay more for landscaping.

“A lot of the complaints that we’ve heard from landscaping providers are that they have been charged for certain landscaping services, such as sanding and color correction, but those costs are only required if the landscaper is certified by Landscape Systems,” said David Dittmar, the company’s vice president of sustainability and environmental services.

“For example, if you have a certified landscaper, the costs are less, but they still need to do those work.”

Dittmar said that many landscapers do not realize that the cost for maintaining a landscaped area is more than the landscaping itself.

“The landscaper doesn’t need to use the landscaped space to achieve a result,” Dittmars said.

Landscape Dynamics said that it had found that many clients had assumed that if a landscapers costs were not covered, it was because they did not use the necessary supplies or supplies that were installed to their particular landscaping plan.

But the company says that is not the case.

Dittmarch said that the company was interested in exploring the cost savings of a landscapers costs and that the firm is now developing a plan to educate landscapers on how to minimize landscaping costs.

“It would help them better understand what they are paying for, and how they should pay for it,” Ditsmar said.

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