How to make your own DIY landscape edgings

In the spring, I made a list of my favourite things to make when I’m in the garden.

I used it to create a list for my garden, to plan my summertime, to start a new project, and as an exercise to make sure I’m doing something that feels good. 

I know, I know, there’s nothing better than a simple DIY landscape decoration, but for my home it was just too simple.

I was going to make my own.

I spent hours searching online for a product that could do everything I needed, but in the end I decided I would be using some of the same techniques that I use when decorating. 

There are so many DIY products out there that do everything from making a beautiful garden backdrop to decorating your home, but none of them do what I needed it to do. 

Before I even started to make any DIY landscape decorations, I was thinking about how I would make the decorations to look like they were made by someone with a sewing machine. 

To make things look more real, I looked to other DIY tutorials online to get a good idea of what they were doing.

I did my own research on how to make these simple decorations.

I took a look at different patterns and fabrics, and made a few patterns that I think would look good with this project. 

These are some of my favourites: A classic, simple garden backdrop. 

This is an amazing pattern to make, as it’s so simple, yet elegant. 

The garden backdrop I chose is from the  Dycky Garden Pattern Collection . 

 You’ll need a pattern piece that measures 20 x 24cm (8.2 x 9.3 inches), and a crochet hook. 

You can also use the pattern for your garden as a base for your finished piece. 

For this piece, I used a white cotton fabric to make the background, and a contrasting green fabric to cover the background. 

Here are the finished products: I love how simple and elegant this is! 

I made the pattern in my sewing machine, which is a great alternative for making things from scratch, but I also made some additional pieces to create the background and make it look even more beautiful. 

Using a contrasting fabric on the background helps it stand out from the rest of the fabric, and also makes it stand apart from the fabric as you add other pieces to it. 

 This makes it really easy to add any additional items to the garden backdrop, so long as you know what you are doing! 

This would be a great background for any garden, and is perfect for any size of garden. 

In this case, I’m adding some plants, a few mosses, and some moss seeds to the backdrop, making it a lovely, unique garden backdrop! 

You could even add some other items to make this a very beautiful, colourful, and pretty landscape. 

Once you’ve completed the pattern, you can download it and print it out and put it on a piece of cotton fabric, or use a pattern to decorate your own garden.

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