How to choose the right landscaping

By LYNN SCHUMERBERGER, Associated PressThe world’s top landscapers are making the leap from the country side to the urban center, where they’re helping to restore America’s beloved landscape.

Here are 10 of the best landscaping techniques.

Landscape restoration, landscaping to paintAnd here are 10 tips for choosing the right landscape.

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A grass lawn can’t fix all It can’t.

But the landscaping of an acre can help.

The lawn must be properly trimmed to maintain natural growth and a natural feel, says Roberta Breen, an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the University of Arizona.

That’s especially true in areas where grass is scarce, like the city and suburbs, she says.

The city’s landscape was devastated by the Great Depression, which has left a thinned out grassland and many empty lots.

Breen says the city’s landscaping is the most efficient way to make a grass lawn grow back.

A grass lawn that is watered with a garden hose and a mulch.2.

Make the yard look natural, even though it’s greenOne way to do this is to put a sprinkler system in the yard.

This is especially helpful if the grass is green, says Mark Bittman, an urban landscape architect and co-author of “Urban Green: A Practical Guide to the Perfect Garden.”

You want the sprinklers to be able to get down into the grass and the ground, Bittmann says.


Don’t put down too many stonesIn urban landscapes, you’ll want to place as many stones as possible.

So if the sidewalk is too deep, place the stones where you want them, Breen explains.

In an urban area, it’s also important to place the grass at a right angle, which makes it look natural.4.

Use a mulcher for your landscaping Mulches are an easy way to restore grass to a landscape.

If you use them on a driveway, it makes the grass look natural and helps with natural erosion, says Breen.

They’re also easier to use in a garden than on a lawn, Bresnick says.

To mulch, just lay down a few inches of mulch on the grass, which will absorb water and make the grass appear healthy and well-drained.

It’s also a good idea to plant some flowers, since the flowers attract insects and pollinate the grass.5.

Use plants that are native to the areaThe landscape is your garden, but you need to plant plants that will thrive in a landscape with plants that aren’t native to your city.

This can include plants that have a natural history and are hardy, Beren explains.

You want to make sure your plantings are native, which means that they’re native to where you live, she adds.

A native plant will thrive even in a city where grass and weeds are common.

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