How to earn more as a landscape architect in California

The landscape architect’s salary has increased by about 50% in the past 10 years.

It now stands at $115,400.

That’s up by about $1,000 from 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A landscape architect with a bachelor’s degree is also earning $100,000 more than their peers.

But it’s not that simple, said Robert Smith, the president of the landscape architecture association, the Professional Landscape Architects Association.

For example, some architects have bachelor’s degrees in landscape architecture, but don’t specialize in landscape design, and are more likely to work on large projects or urban design.

“The landscape architecture profession is going through a very interesting transition right now,” Smith said.

“There are more and more landscape architects entering the profession and it’s only going to continue to grow.”

Smith and others say there are several factors to consider when looking at salaries.

How much you work is one, Smith said, and the job itself is also important.

The average landscape architect earns $117,400 annually, which puts the landscape architect at a competitive salary range.

But some people have a preference for one type of profession over another, Smith added.

“For example, a landscape architecture professor would be a little more demanding than a landscape engineer.

But the landscape design profession is much more demanding,” Smith added, noting that there are more students taking landscape design and landscape architecture courses than landscape architects.

What is the landscape architects job?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Census, there are about 5.5 million landscape architects in the country.

The most common occupation for landscape architects is landscape architect.

There are some specialty fields, such as landscape architecture and landscape architect, but those are the most common.

The landscape architecture specialty is one that typically includes an architect with experience in architecture and engineering, Smith noted.

“It’s more of a specialty field and people have to have a lot of engineering background, which is what they do,” he said.

But if you work for a landscape, landscape architecture or landscape architect who has a degree, there’s more to it than just that, Smith continued.

For instance, an architect who is a landscape or landscape architecture graduate or has a master’s degree in landscape architectship is more likely than someone with no background in landscape or architecture to work in that particular specialty.

“So a landscape architectural graduate can be a landscape design graduate,” Smith noted, and a landscape architects graduate is more experienced.

The profession is growing in popularity, Smith notes, but the pay and the prestige are still pretty high.

“I think the profession has gotten a little bit too popular and a lot is being made of the number of degrees,” he added.

That may not be the case, Smith believes, but he also believes the profession is getting better.

“What I would love to see more people aspire to be landscape architects and be successful in it,” Smith told CNN.

“And if I had a job lined up, I’d love to be able to help more people get into that profession.”

And for landscape architect graduates, Smith suggests the profession will continue to thrive for years to come.

“People want to know that it’s still there,” Smith continued, noting the profession still attracts high-quality people and will continue doing so.

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