How to build a simple landscaping idea

Hello everyone!

This is my first ever post, and I wanted to share some simple ideas to help you get started building a beautiful landscape.

I’m going to be doing a lot of simple landscaper ideas that you can apply to your own designs.

For this one, I wanted a simple, yet elegant, backdrop.

If you’re looking for a simple backdrop, I’ve found the inspiration to use the classic garden wall, which you can see here: I think this will work as a backdrop to many of your designs, and it will also be easy to install and maintain.

This one is for a house in the backcountry.

For my house, I thought it would be a good idea to make it look like a jungle.

The design for the landscape is based on the classic bamboo garden wall that you see here (

The idea here is to create a natural, organic, and sustainable garden wall.

You’ll need: 1.

The traditional bamboo garden 2.

3/4 inch nails 3.

Wire nails 4.

A piece of plywood or aluminum foil (or some other strong material) 5.

A garden hose (optional)6.

A little bit of glue (optional, but I’ve tried to stick to 2-3 coats)7.

A couple of spray cans (optional).


A few pieces of garden paper (optional.

but it can be used as a canvas)9.

A big pot (optional but it works)10.

A small bowl (optional.)11.

A screwdriver12.

A knife13.

A nail gun14.

A glue gun15.

A sanding block16.

A water jet (optional if using an electric mixer)17.

A bucket18.

A paintbrush19.

A mask20.

A plastic bucket (optional )21.

A bit of paint or a brush22.

A sponge23.

A spray bottle24.

A brushbrush25.

A towel26.

A ruler27.

A trowel28.

A marker29.

A palette cloth30.

A pair of scissors31.

A tape measure32.

A pencil33.

A compass34.

A scale (optional for accuracy)35.

A pen36.

A toolbox37.

A bag38.

A container (optional – you can use this for your garbage bags and garbage bags for your plants)39.

A sheet of wax paper (if you want a simple but sturdy base)40.

A clear tape measure41.

A sharpie42.

A chalkboard (optional and for shading)43.

A paper towel44.

A glass spray bottle45.

A toothbrush46.

A cup of tea (optional or tea for you)47.

A hairbrush48.

A cloth napkin49.

A bottle of toothpaste50.

A spoon51.

A large paintbrush52.

A mirror53.

A magnifying glass54.

A coffee filter55.

A flashlight56.

A rag57.

A tissue or paper towel58.

A ballpoint pen59.

A spare set of paint brushes (optional- these are very important)60.

A candle61.

A sewing machine62.

A needle63.

A thread64.

A hobby knife65.

A razor66.

A dremel67.

A file69.

A zip tie70.

A power drill71.

A vacuum cleaner72.

A hammer73.

A metal mallet74.

A drill bit75.

A bar clamp76.

A dryer sealant77.

A wrench78.

A carpenter’s screwdriver79.

A welding torch80.

A flat-head screwdriver81.

A socket82.

A rubber band83.

A pipe brush84.

A wooden spoon85.

A sledgehammer86.

A belt buckle87.

A wire brush88.

A crowbar89.

A rope rope90.

A pry bar91.

A set of chopsticks92.

A hand drill93.

A torch94.

A box cutter95.

A can opener96.

A kitchen knife97.

A measuring tape98.

A light bulb 99.

A pressure cooker100.

A fan101.

A guitar clanger102.

A mower103.

A radio controller104.

A microwave dish105.

A dishwasher106.

A toilet plunger107.

A sprinkler filter108.

A washing machine109.

A faucet110.

A timer111.

A magnet-powered drill press112.

A fire extinguisher113.

A gas grill114.

A sink torch115.

A barbecue grill116.

A grill rack117.

A table saw118.

A folding chair119.

A picnic table120.

A lawn chair121.

A mini-fridge122

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