Which are the best Android TV apps?

It is a great time to be a TV geek.

As you scroll through the hundreds of apps you can choose from to watch TV on your Android TV box, you will find a variety of great choices.

Here is a roundup of the best TV apps.

Android TV offers a huge selection of great TV apps that allow you to watch your favourite shows and movies on your TV screen.

But what is it you will love about the Android TV platform?

Here are a few of the most popular Android TV features.


The Android TV App The Android app offers the perfect way to get all the latest TV shows and films.

It offers all the channels you can access from any of your favourite devices, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus and more.

You can even add new shows and playlists to your collection with a simple click.


The TV Show Search function The Android channel search function lets you search for TV shows by name, episode and time.

It is also the most comprehensive way to search for popular shows and shows you are most likely to be interested in.

You will be able to see a complete list of all the TV shows that have aired, what genre they are in and what titles are currently airing.

The app has also a ‘playlists’ section where you can add up to 20 different genres and genres of the shows you want to watch.


The Music app Now this is one of the more interesting apps in the Android television app.

You get a complete playlist of all your favourite music and videos from all of the major music labels, and they will be displayed right on the home screen.

You are able to browse through their catalogue and add them to your own collection, which can then be added to your Android television library.

You also get access to their official YouTube channel where you will be provided with up to 15 videos per day.


The Video app Now you will not be disappointed when you open the Android video app.

It has a fantastic feature for watching videos.

This allows you to pause and resume your favourite videos from YouTube, while the app will keep track of all of your playlists.


The Movies app Now we have the Android movies app, which is perfect for viewing movies on Android TV.

You have access to over 50,000 movies and TV shows available on the Google Play store.

You access these movies by searching for the title of the film or episode.

You’ll also be able access a library of over 15,000 movie titles and the titles of the movies, which will make it very easy to find movies that you are looking for.


The Podcasts app Now the Android podcast app is a perfect way for listening to podcasts.

You only need to search the name of the podcast, then select the episode or series of the podcasts that you want, and the app makes it easy to listen to your favourite podcasts.


The Amazon Prime Instant Video app If you are not sure what Prime Instant video is, this is a fantastic app for you.

It allows you watch the most exclusive films and TV series on the internet, all in one app.


The YouTube channel The YouTube video app is fantastic for watching YouTube videos.

You may have seen the feature where you add up the videos you watch, and you can easily add up a playlist of the videos to your personal library, or you can subscribe to new videos and watch them on YouTube at the same time.


The Hulu Plus channel Hulu Plus is a wonderful app for Hulu Plus subscribers.

You just need to register for Hulu+ and then you can watch content on the website.

It also allows you access to thousands of channels to watch online and on demand, and there is a library where you could add up up to 150,000 videos to add to your YouTube library.


The Netflix app You can watch Netflix on your Google TV box and it will show you the most recent episodes of all available Netflix shows and TV specials.

It will also give you access for free to any of the Netflix apps on your device.


The Spotify app You will have plenty of options when it comes to streaming music and video on the Android app.

There are over 2,000 artists available for you to discover, and all of them offer a range of different types of music, along with other genres.

Spotify has also got the ability to search across all of its music, so if you are searching for music or videos you like, you can get a list of your favourites.


The Google Home speaker The Google speaker is a very useful addition to your home.

It can play music and podcasts, as well as a range on your home screen and you will get access for your Google home speaker.


The BBC iPlayer app This app has all of Britain’s most popular BBC iPads and is a must-have for any TV nerd.

It lets you browse BBC iGuide content, including the BBC iWonder section and can also play movies and shows.

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