The world’s most expensive home decor item – a £1.9 million marble sculpture from China

The world is home to some of the most expensive items in the world.

So why are they so hard to find?

The answer lies in China, where the country has a wealth of rich heritage, vast mineral deposits and the most advanced art and design techniques.

But the sheer price tag has forced some artists and designers to leave the country and build their own creations.

In fact, many of the world’s top artisans have relocated to China, as it is cheaper to produce in that country than in the US or Europe, where their work is generally cheaper.

And while China has its own unique styles, such as the “laboratory-made” and “industrial” styles, the country’s architecture, sculpture and architecture is a bit more diverse than its American or European counterparts.

While the country boasts of an abundance of resources and vast natural beauty, some of its most important architecture is constructed in a far more traditional and traditional-looking style.

And the Chinese government has been particularly aggressive in pursuing its own style of architecture, with many Chinese cities adopting a “modern” aesthetic in order to maintain a high-quality and affordable home.

This is where the “artistic landscape” of China comes in.

While there are a number of other countries that have been trying to find creative ways to develop their own architectural heritage, such a move into the artistic landscape has been a very difficult one.

In China, the term “artist landscape” comes from the Chinese concept of “a landscape with artistic and creative meaning”.

While many artists and landscape architects use the term in a generic sense, the idea is more specific to the Chinese artist and landscape landscape.

The term “artist landscape” originated in China when the country started to focus on preserving the artistic heritage of its people.

For example, a landscape is defined as a landscape that has artistic meaning.

A landscape is an urban area, and it is where we live and work.

It is where our culture, our history, our culture comes from.

The artist is not the only one who lives there.

The artist landscape also has a lot of different meanings, with the Chinese saying that the landscape is the creative expression of the entire country.

The concept of artist landscape is a great one, as a country that is in the midst of a revolution has to be proactive and take ownership of its cultural heritage.

For that reason, there are many artists who have taken a stand to preserve the art and architecture in their country, and many others who have made their own art and landscape designs.

The Art of the LandscapeDesigner Michael De Luca of De Lucas Art Institute in Paris, France, has worked on a number masterpieces of landscape art.

De Lucae’s artwork has been showcased at such prestigious institutions as the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

In 2017, De Lucais Art Institute unveiled the first-ever “Landscape Art” exhibition in the United States, showcasing works by over 50 artists and other landscape and landscape designers.

In 2017, the Royal Architectural Society of London commissioned a series of landscape and architectural works by De Lucaa to be displayed in their annual Art of The Landscape conference.

The exhibition was the first time in more than a century that the world was able to see works from a variety of countries.

This year, De La Luca also worked on the cover of a book called “Designing the Art of Landscape and Architecture”.

De La Macera says that he hopes the book will help us “understand the art of the landscape, and also help us appreciate how it’s possible to create something new in the landscape.”

De La Macara also works with the Art Institute of New Zealand on a series entitled “Landscapes in New Zealand” in order “to understand what it means to be an artist and to appreciate how the landscape and architecture of New Zeland have changed and are being developed.”

In this video from the International Centre for Architecture in Beijing, De la Macera discusses the significance of landscape design and the process of creating the artwork, which includes how he created his own sculpture and landscape, as well as the art that he made for the museum in New Zebes.

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