‘Abandoned’ farmhouse in Florida is home to some of the world’s most beautiful underwater coral reef images

Here are some of our favorite images of the year in the world of architecture, including a home in South Africa, a home on a remote island in the Caribbean, and an ocean-going boat.

The photos are part of a series of images from Architecture News and Architecture & Design magazine’s “Abandoning” series, which features photographs of abandoned structures from around the world.

Here’s what we found.

In the United States, the home in Florida was built in 1950.

The photo above shows a view of the outside from inside the home.

The home is on a peninsula just off the coast of Key West.

The house is home of the Key West Chamber of Commerce.

The home in the photo above has two stories.

The second story is attached to the third story, and the third to the second story.

It is made of timber and has two main levels.

The third story is a basement, and is the entrance to the basement.

The basement is a room with an attached garage, and has an attached swimming pool.

The photos below show the home’s interior.

The “Ascend the Sea” home in France was built by architect Jean-François Arnaud.

The underwater coral reefs in this photo are part the island’s coral reef, and are part ocean.

The underwater coral is a part of the reef, too.

The ocean is a water body that is part of this coral reef.

The coral is the underwater rock, so it is very dense and the reef is very thin.

The reef is a lot like a sponge.

The sponge can soak up water, but it has a very hard outer shell.

You can see a lot of the inner layer is exposed in this image.

The ocean rocks in this picture are a part part of an underwater reef, as are the rocks in the other photos.

The rocks in these photos are all underwater, and not in the sea.

The pictures show the ocean and underwater coral.

The house above is on the island of Key Wiggles.

It was built to accommodate a family of five.

The “Aabla” house in the photos below is a small home.

It has a balcony and two rooms on each floor.

The family living in the “Aabs” house is shown here with a boat on a small island in South Carolina.

It’s on a sandy beach.

The sea rock in the pictures above is part the coral reef and part the ocean.

The photo above is a picture of the “Sea Rocks” house, which was built for a family living on an island in Florida.

The image is of the beach and a boat in the distance.

The sand is part coral and part ocean, and there are lots of underwater rocks.

The beach in this house was taken on May 5, 2018.

The family living there had just gone out for a paddle to see the sea, and they decided to visit a reef.

They had been out on a paddle before, but this time they went back out and got a look at it.

The water is clear and the waves are very gentle.

The beach is in the middle of the island, and all the rocks are covered by sand.

The children in the family are playing in the surf.

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