Why we should celebrate ‘Beautiful’ again

With all the excitement around the Super Bowl, why don’t we all remember the time when it was the most beautiful day of the year?

It’s an amazing story.

The day in February 1924 was a hot, sunny day in the city of St. Louis when the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in St. Clair, Missouri, exploded.

The church was a symbol of the Catholic Church’s fight against fascism.

It had been bombed and burned to the ground by Nazis in 1941.

But it was still standing, and now it was filled with the smell of burnt-out cars, rotting trees, and the occasional stench of gasoline.

The cathedral’s stained glass windows and chimneys had been blown out by the Nazis, but they had also been smashed by a lightning strike that caused the glass to bend and fall.

The rubble had then become the cathedral’s signature symbol, a white marble arch that still stood over the entrance.

The statue was still in place.

The cathedral’s main facade stood over an open field, which was filled to the brim with a mass of white flowers.

It was also the only building in the entire city that was not entirely black.

The black paint had been added to the building’s facade after the city’s city hall was burned down by the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the city had no longer been able to pay for its upkeep.

It was then that the St Francis Xavier statue was unveiled in St Louis.

It is still a symbol, albeit a much smaller one, of what it meant to St. Charles Xavier.

The building, known as the St Louis Cathedral, was built in 1904 as a memorial to the martyrs who died at the hands of Nazis.

The Cathedral was renamed after them in 1935.

In 1920, after the war, St. Augustine’s Cathedral in Minneapolis became the first American cathedral to be demolished.

It wasn’t until 1941 that it was rebuilt.

It now holds the title of “The World’s Most Beautiful Cathedral.”

As a result of the bombing and burning, the St Charles Xavier Cathedral was destroyed, and in 1944, the cathedral was completely rebuilt and reopened.

The first anniversary of the cathedral reopening was the largest in St, Charles Xavier’s history.

The reopening celebration was held on Feb. 28, 2019.

In the 1920s, the Cathedral’s original brick facade, which had stood over a park and had become the city landmark, was still painted black.

However, by 1940, the black paint on the brick had been replaced by white.

The original brick was also replaced by an ornamental steel arch that now bears the name of the St, Louis Cathedral.

The new white marble is still the centerpiece of the building.

Its original stained glass window frames were replaced by stainless steel.

Its doors are still glass.

And the brick and stained glass are still the only visible elements of the old brick facade.

The St. Peter and Paul Church, which stood on the north side of the city, was demolished in 1972.

It’s new marble facade now holds up the names of the people who built it.

In 2016, a replica of the original brick arch was installed at the corner of Broadway and Jackson streets.

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