Australia’s wall to house future climate change challenges

The Government is looking to ditch a wall on a remote remote hillside in the Northern Territory, a decision that will leave the land in limbo as climate change affects the country.

Key points:Aboriginal communities in remote parts of the NT are worried about the loss of their landThe Federal Government is reviewing the use of a land-based greenhouse to cool the countryClimate change will mean warmer temperatures and longer droughts in some parts of Australia, particularly the Northern TerritoriesThe Government is in the process of reviewing the area’s use of climate-controlled greenhouses to cool local communitiesClimate change is expected to cause longer drought and hotter temperatures in some areas in the northern parts of Queensland, the Northern Rivers, the Torres Strait and parts of Western Australia, but the Northern Rock region has a low population density and relatively dry conditions.

The Northern Rock area has about 30,000 residents and the area around the town of Altona is home to more than 70,000 people.

Climate change can cause hotter, drier conditions and higher temperatures, which are particularly devastating for Aboriginal communities in the area.

“The potential of the region is a concern to Aboriginal communities who are very poor in terms of access to services,” said Altonas Environment Minister Paul O’Brien.

“We’re doing our bit by working with Aboriginal communities to help them understand the impacts of climate change and the impact on their traditional land, and we’re making sure that this is a matter that we take very seriously.”

Altonas Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Miller said the Government is working with the community to determine how the land can be used to cool down the region.

“I think the Government will continue to work with them to see how we can better manage their land,” he said.

“Aborigs people will be well advised of their responsibilities, but there will be some adjustments that they will need to make to get there.”

Climate change could also mean a longer dry season for Altonans, with more frequent droughty conditions expected to occur in the Torres Straits and other parts of Northern Australia.

“What I can say is we are not expecting the Torres to dry up,” Mr Miller said.

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