Privacy landscaping company’s new app for iPhone and Android promises ‘better security’

Privacy landscapers in Australia are about to receive a new app, the first of its kind in the world, which promises to provide more security, privacy and control.

Key points:Auckland’s City Centre Gardeners has launched its new app The app will let homeowners opt to have the app log their gardens and track their activitiesThe app, which has been designed to work on both iPhone and iPad, will also have a home screen where users can opt to allow it to log their garden activities.

The new app will have the following features:Users can set a ‘Privacy Log’ that will record all of their garden activity and allow the gardener to log it.

This will then be recorded on a smartphone app, allowing the garder to monitor the logs and view them on their device. 

The app will be available for free for two weeks, but a $50 fee will be charged if users want to continue using the app for more than two weeks. 

Users will be able to download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. 

“The privacy and security of your garden has never been more important,” said Landscape Gardeners CEO David Macpherson.

“Privacy loggers have a massive amount of data, and the Gardeners app is a vital first step to enabling them to share that data with us.”

Landscape Gardener CEO David Mcpherson said the privacy logger would provide a safer and easier way for gardeners to record their garden, but also provide the gardner with greater control.

“The Gardeners privacy log will be an important tool for garden enthusiasts, so you will be informed of what is happening, when it’s happening, and who’s seeing it,” Mr Macphersons said.

“If you’re a gardener who’s looking for more information on how your garden is being monitored, we have a privacy log for that.”

But it’s not the only way we can keep an eye on your garden.” 

The Gardenists privacy log can be accessed by the user by clicking on the ‘View Privacy Log’ icon on the main menu.””

We want to make sure that the Gardener app is useful for all gardeners and will provide a secure and secure home screen that will allow users to make informed decisions,” Mr Mcphersson said.

The Gardenists privacy log can be accessed by the user by clicking on the ‘View Privacy Log’ icon on the main menu.

“You will be prompted to log your garden activity by clicking the ‘Log’ button at the bottom of the screen,” he said. 

‘More control’The app is set to become available for download on October 25. 

 “We’re excited about the new privacy logging capability of the Gardener App, and are looking forward to using it in conjunction with the Garden Center to better protect the privacy and privacy of your Garden,” Mr McGpherssson added.

“We also want to give the garderer more control over their garden and know how much data is being collected and how it’s being used.”

In addition to the Garden center, the Garden Log will be added to the Home Screen of the Gardeer app, so the gardier will be aware of how much garden activity is being recorded by the Garden Centre.”‘

Privacy logger’ is a unique privacy logger designed to help gardeners protect their privacy and improve their privacy management practices, according to the developers. 

In the Garden log, users can specify the type of garden they have logged their activities on, as well as the privacy policy that has been set.

The privacy loger will also show the garderee their privacy log, with the option to upload a photo or other form of personalised data.”

With this app, we are introducing a new way for Gardeners to manage their privacy, and a completely new way to do it,” said Mr Macpherson.

Privacy logging will be a feature added to all Gardeners apps for both iPhone, iPad and Android, with access to additional features including privacy policy, privacy options and data log entries.”

Gardeners are a great example of how privacy can be built into any product, and we are excited to be working with Gardeners and their friends and family to help build the Garden App to become the best Gardening tool available,” Mr McMphersions said.

Privacy logs will be integrated into the Gardencenter app.

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