Why the Government should build new greenfields in Wales

The Welsh Government has spent £500,000 building a new greenfield on the edge of Wrexham to boost the economy and boost employment.

But some local residents are concerned the area could be “sink or swim” in the future and say it is not suitable for greenfield developments. 

A study carried out by environmental consultancy GreenhouseGas found the new green field, called Wrexmere Park, could be unsuitable for residential and industrial use. 

GreenhouseGas conducted a feasibility study of the area and found the land would be unsuited to a mixed use scheme. 

“A large area with large amounts of farmland would not be able to be redeveloped into a residential area,” said Greenhousegas, which was funded by the Department of the Environment and Rural Affairs.

“If you want to have a residential or industrial development in the area, you need to have the proper infrastructure and the land has been developed for this purpose.”

The study found the site could be built with a maximum height of 6m (20ft) but there was no guarantee the land could be used for commercial purposes. 

Wrexmere Forest and Wildlife Trust (WFTWT) and the National Park Authority have already submitted plans to the Department for approval to build a small greenfield in the nearby woods, and the Welsh Government is looking to do the same in Wrexmire Park. 

The greenfield was built to boost tourism, attract visitors and boost jobs, and is designed to be self-contained, without any commercial impact. 

But local residents in Wirtree Park, where the project is currently planned, have been angered by the plan. 

Residents say it will not be suitable for their local environment, and could eventually be “drowned in the mud”. 

“I’ve lived in Wrekin Park for 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Debbie Jones.

“It’s a very busy area with a lot of people walking by and they’ve been trying to sell greenhouses and they have been getting the money, but we’re not going to have that.”

There is nowhere to go and it will only get worse.” 

The council is considering whether to appeal against the decision to the High Court.

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