Why Cities Are Going Green: The Landscape Lighting Revolution

It’s the age of green, and it’s coming fast.

Here are six reasons cities are embracing the green revolution.


Green lighting is making cities more livable.

It’s not just about lighting up your house.

As cities become more green, they’re also adopting more sustainable buildings and lighting systems.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, cities with more than 1 million people have the most green lighting.

Greening buildings also reduces CO2 emissions.

That’s good news for our planet and our climate, which would be significantly improved without the use of CO2.


New technologies are driving green lighting adoption.

Cities are getting smarter and more connected.

Today, it’s possible to beam lights to entire buildings.

As the lighting technology improves, that’s not a bad thing.

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to tell where a streetlight was coming from.

Now, it can be easily seen from far away.


Smart lighting reduces CO 2 emissions.

LED lights are now so common that the Environmental Defense Fund recently published a study suggesting that the LED lighting in homes could be one of the most efficient sources of CO 2 reduction.

The LED light bulbs in homes don’t use much energy, which makes them perfect for city lighting.


The lighting revolution is happening on a global scale.

New cities and towns are turning their lights to green.

According the New York Times, in cities like New York, Portland, London, Berlin, and Shanghai, the number of people using LED lighting has tripled in the past decade.

The city of Hong Kong, for example, has installed over 1,000 LED lights.


Green technology is driving the growth of smart lighting.

A recent study from the U.K.’s Oxford University found that people in more than 200 cities are now using smart lighting to reduce CO 2 in their homes.


Green lights are helping to save energy.

LED bulbs are also greener than regular bulbs.

As technology improves and more cities switch to LEDs, they save energy on average.

Smart LED lighting reduces energy use by up to 40 percent, according to the Oxford University study.

And LED light is even better at capturing heat than regular light bulbs.

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